Late ATB Stallion Administrative Fee Due August 1

Stallion Owners:

If you have not yet paid the annual administrative fee for your stallion for 2013, the deadline for late payment of $325 is August 1, 2013.  If this is the stallion’s first year in Texas, and he came in after February 1, you can pay the early admin fee of $200.  The annual administrative fee cannot be accepted for a breeding season after the August 1 deadline.

If you stood a stallion in Texas in 2013, and have not yet accredited him, you have until August 1 to accredit him for $100.  Any stallion accreditations postmarked after August 1, 2013 will not be accredited for 2013, but for 2014.

The deadline to nominate stallions to the Texas Stallion Stakes for the 2013 breeding season is October 1, 2013.  Only Texas accredited stallions may be nominated.  The fee to nominate is the greater of $1500 or the advertised stud fee for stallions standing their first season in Texas in 2013.  For stallions not new to the state there is also a $500 late fee.

Rules and Regulations for the Accredited Texas-Bred Program state:

“A photocopy of the annual ‘Report of Mares Bred’ shall be submitted to the TTA office on or before the date required by The Jockey Club (August 1).  Stallion owners are eligible to receive Stallion Awards only from offspring sired in Texas after the stallion has become accredited with the Texas Thoroughbred Association and applicable administrative fees have been paid.”

If you file your Report of Mares Bred electronically, you have an opportunity to print it before filing.