Weekly ATB Winners July 4 – 10, 2022

Congrats to the following Accredited Texas-Bred horses and to their connections for their wins over the past week:

Airline Drive (Constitution – Spanish Cat), Easter Snap (Etesaal – Seneca Song), Happy Sailor (Midshipman – Forest Path), Head Over Boots (Beta Capo – Early M), Lumberjack Leslie (Bradester – Pack Your P J’s), Moro Merica (Moro Tap – Moving Appeal), Papaws Boy (Etesaal – Bonnie’s Slam), Play Rule (Intimidator – Cats Rule), Ready Edge (Competitive Edge – Write When Ready), Salt N Lime (Too Much Bling – Rudita), Secret Reunion (Congaree – General Reunion), Show Me Grace (Grasshopper – Show Me the Bling), Silver Luke Silver (Too Much Bling – My Lost Silver), Spicy Witt (Five Demon Bag – Witt’s Soda Pop), Stone Cafe (Stonesider – Santacafe), Streetster (Bradester – Buskinfoalivin), Sweet Tapin Moro (Moro Tap – Sweet and Yoe), and Waving Bye (The Hunk – Making Waves).

Go Texas-Breds!