We Have Your ATB Money … You Have Our Information!

Is your name on this list of breeders and owners who have earned money through the Accredited Texas-Bred Program for 2017 racing?

For various reasons, the TTA has been unable to pay the individuals listed below. Usually the problem is very simple to correct. Perhaps a transfer form was never completed when you purchased your money-earning Texas Thoroughbred, or maybe you have moved and forgotten to tell us.

Please call the TTA’s Accreditation Department at (512) 458-6133 so we can complete your paperwork—and so you can collect your ATB earnings.

Courtney Barousse                                          $1,096.87

Candy Courtemanche                                     $   471.24

Richard E. Craig                                             $   184.30

Teodoro Delgado-Muriel                                $   378.84

Bob Glasgow and Ray Shannon                     $   302.85

Reggie Hickerson                                            $   220.98

Ila Faye Jarvis                                                 $   201.02

Raymundo Juarez                                           $   930.47

Magnolia Racing Stable and Jim Ward          $   289.58

Dan Pish and Richard Mays, DVM                $   119.37

Shadowlands Farms LLC                               $    71.42

Thomas D. Tiller                                             $   153.47