Vote in the Texas Primaries

The following information is presented by the Texas Thoroughbred Breeders Association Political Action Committee (PAC)  as a matter of information regarding upcoming March 1 Primary Elections for the Texas House of Representatives and the Texas Senate.  With information gathered through Internet sources, the following lists of candidates with accompanying notes are offered for your information and consideration.  The Texas Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association PAC has endorsed Dr. Lynn Stucky for House District 64.

You are strongly encouraged to conduct your own research on candidates seeking election in your district.  If you don’t know who represents you and in which district you reside, go to:

Click to view 2016 Texas House Primaries and 2016 Texas Senate Primaries.

Click to view information on Empower Texans, Young Conservatives of Texas, Texas Farm Bureau AGFUND.

In many ways, the primaries are much more important than the general election, as the primaries actually determine who will be in the fall elections.  Early voting starts February 16th.  Please do your research and exercise your right to vote!