Urgent Call to Action!

We know there are many issues of concern for folks involved in the horse industry and you may feel that your efforts have little impact. Not true!

Your letters from 2014 in support of historical racing rules were duly noted by our Texas Racing Commissioners, and they voted at that time to keep the rules on the books.

At the December meeting of the Texas Racing Commission, the TRC voted to once again open a period for public comment on the repeal of the rules on Historical Racing. The comment period will be open from January 1, 2016 through February1, 2016.

In the same way that the horsemen and other industry supporters wrote letters and emails to voice their opinions the first time the proposal was published, we once again need to flood the Commission with letters opposing the repeal of the Historical Racing rules and requesting that the rules be kept in place.

Your letter need not be lengthy but is most effective when you state how you and your family are directly impacted by whatever decision is made.

Ask your business associates, feed & equipment suppliers, veterinarians, etc. to write letters as well.

The repeal of historical racing rules will be voted on at the February meeting of the TRC, so please send your letters as soon as possible.

Email, fax and snail mail letters will be accepted until February 1st and can be sent to:

Chuck Trout
Executive Director
Texas Racing Commission
P.O. Box 12080
Austin, TX 78711


Fax: (512) 833-6907

Your participation during the last comment period was just amazing and we need you to do so once again to show that the industry fully supports Historical Racing in Texas.

We sincerely thank each one of you for continuing to support our industry by writing and calling each and every time that we have asked for your help. Your efforts do matter!