The Texas Racing Commission convened its Ad Hoc Finance Committee on October 24th. Despite over two hours of discussion and objections by the horsemen, TxRc Chairman John Steen told the group that the best way forward was to proceed with the rule amendment to Section 309.8, raising track license fees and cutting race days.

The 2018 Proposed Race Day Calendar is:

SHRP 32 TB days, 20 QH days; Lone Star 44 TB days, 16 QH days;
Retama 12.5 TB days, 12.5 QH days In a mixed format; Gillespie 8 says In a mixed format

This is a reduction of 14.5 days for Thoroughbreds and a reduction of 29 days for Quarter Horses from the 2017 calendar.

On November 8th, the Commission will vote on the proposed rule amendment and race dates for 2018 will be allocated.

Be aware that the preamble to the proposed rule amendment states in part: “This amendment will have no adverse economic effect on small or micro-businesses”.  It also states “There are no negative impacts upon employment conditions in this state as a result of the proposed amendment.”

So far, the TxRc has only received 75 letters in opposition to the proposed rule  amendment. It is IMPERATIVE that the commission received as many letters as possible in opposition to the proposed rule.  Otherwise, it can be assumed that the horsemen of Texas do not care about reduced opportunities for racing or employment.

DEADLINE FOR RECEIPT OF LETTERS IS NOVEMBER 6TH, so please send a letter today to be sure it is received and counted.

Email to: info@txrc.texas.gov, mail to: Jean Cook, Texas Racing Commission, PO Box 12080, Austin, TX 78711, or fax to: 512.833.6907.