TTA Officers Elected

At the TTA Board of Directors meeting on Saturday, June 15th, the following directors were elected to serve one-year terms as officers:

President – Ken Carson
1st Vice President – Danny Shifflett
2nd Vice President – Hal Wiggins
Secretary-Treasurer – Mark Martinez

In accordance with the TTA Bylaws, the Executive Committee is made up of 7 members, comprising the President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer, immediate past president and 2 at-large members elected by the board of directors.

The TTA Executive Committee members are:
Ken Carson
Danny Shifflett
Hal Wiggins
Mark Martinez
Dr. Gearald Farris (immediate past president)
Jackie Rich, DVM
Ed Few

President Carson appointed a Nominating Committee comprising directors Richard Hessee, Phil Leckinger, Delwin Lovell, Heidie Maikranz, Jackie Rich, Danny Shifflett and David Stephens (Chair). The Nominating Committee is charged with making nominations and receiving suggestions and nominations from the TTA membership for the election of the required number of Directors. The committee will begin their work in August for the December election of directors to serve three-year terms (2014 – 2016).

Carson also appointed an Election Committee comprising directors Tom Bradfield, Heidie Maikranz and Mark Martinez. The Election Committee is responsible for ensuring the election is conducted in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association and written policy determinations of the Board of Directors.