TTA Member Alert – Contact Your Legislators!

TTA Member Alert

Last year, at the request of Texas horsemen, the Texas Racing Commission proposed draft rules to regulate and implement pari-mutuel wagering on historical races.  The proposed rules were published in the Texas Register and over 13,000 comments, mostly favorable, were received by the agency.  Those rules were adopted in August.

Now, the TRC is under fire. Although the agency is funded through industry fees, those fees must be appropriated through the state budget, and Article VIII of Senate Bill 2, (the Senate version of the state budget bill) essentially defunds the Texas Racing Commission.

We need your help!  

Please contact your state senator and representative as soon as possible, via email, fax or telephone.

Let him/her know that the Texas Racing Commission provides a vital service to the state and the industry by enforcing the Texas Racing Act and its Rules. Commission oversight ensures the health, safety and welfare of all racing participants, which include jockeys as well as race animals.  Additionally, Commission oversight is vital to ensure the integrity of pari-mutuel wagering for the benefit of all patrons and participants.

The proposed elimination of funding for the Racing Commission would have dire consequences for each and every participant in racing and negatively impact the businesses that rely on it.

Texans who make their living in the racing industry need the Texas Racing Commission and support it as it currently exists, and in its current form.

Be sure to thank your legislators for their time and seek their assistance in securing budget funding for the Texas Racing Commission.

To find out who your legislators are, simply enter your address at:

Thank you for your assistance.