Round 2 of Mailbox Money! Mailing Today!

Dear ATB Award Recipient,

As you are likely aware, in the last legislative session Texas lawmakers created the Horse Industry Escrow Account (HIEA). The funds in that account are now being used to strengthen racing purses in Texas and to grow the entire horse industry in our state.

Now as a result of that legislation, you are the beneficiary of an ATB Breeder Bonus Award to eligible breeders of horses placing 1, 2, or 3 in OPEN COMPANY races in Texas.

Enclosed is your awards check from the 2021 Thoroughbred meet at Sam Houston Race Park. Please note that for awards calculation purposes, all individual purses are capped at $75,000.00. Those eligible for full breeder awards will receive 22.334% of purse money earned, and those eligible for one-half breeder awards will receive 11.168% of purse money earned.

Please note that total available awards for 2021 are $150,000 versus $149,000 in 2020 while ATB earnings for 2021 are $699,187 versus $445,843 in 2020. The large increase in purse earnings by ATB horses results in a smaller award percentage.

Our state leaders chose to reinvest dollars being spent by Texas horse-related businesses back into the horse industry with the creation of the Horse Industry Escrow Account. By doing so, they recognized the tremendous value that the horse and agriculture economy have in our state, and the importance of the deep heritage of this industry.