Mailbox Money

ATB Awards for the recently concluded Thoroughbred meet at Retama are scheduled to go out next week.

Award amounts are based on the amount of ATB award monies available for the pay period divided by the purse money earned (PME) by accredited Texas-breds finishing 1 – 3 in any race at this track.

Based on this formula, award totals were calculated as follows:

Breeder Awards: 7.41433% of 1st/2nd/3rd PME
Owner Awards: 7.39245% of 1st/2nd/3rd PME
Stallion Awards: 4.66059% of 1st/2nd/3rd PME

The total amount of awards paid out for Owner, Breeder and Stallion Owner Awards for this period of racing at Retama Park is $162,624.08. By law, 40% ($65,049.63) is paid for Breeders Awards, 40% ($65,049.63) is paid for Owners Awards and 20% ($32,524.82) for Stallion Owner Awards.

Also, if your horse placed first, second or third in an open company race during this meet, you will receive an Owner’s Bonus award totaling 10.88659% of purse money earned. The first 25% of total ATB Awards is allocated to the Owner Bonus Fund, which equates to $54,208.03 for this meet.

Congratulations, and be checking that mailbox!