Help Save Horse Racing in Texas!

#1 – Keep up with the latest industry news regarding lawsuits filed by the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership and the Texas Greyhound Association, funding of the Texas Racing Commission and the status of rules regulating Historical Racing.

#2 – Support the Texas Horsemen’s Partnership Legal Fund.

The THP is a non-profit organization which represents all owners and trainers who race in Texas.  THP has filed a lawsuit asking for a temporary injunction to prohibit the State Comptroller from withholding funding from the TxRc. We believe that we have no other choice than legal action to protect the Texas horse racing industry and the livlihoods of thousands of Texas horsemen and business owners who depend on the continuation of our industry.

A lawsuit of this nature is extremely expensive and THP is asking for horsemen and other industry participants to donate to the THP legal fund so that we can follow this litigation through to completion. Every donation matters and and we implore you to make a contribution today to support our effort to assure that racing in Texas not only continues, but that we are allowed the opportunity to prosper. You may send a check to: Texas Horsemen’s Partnership at P.O. Box 142533 Austin, TX 78714 (checks should be made payable to the THP and ‘legal fund’ should be included in the memo line). Or you may contribute by phone – call (512) 467-9799 to ask for a donation to be made from your Horsemen’s Bookkeeper account. You may also use the GoFundMe Page at


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