Delwin Lovell Resigns from TTA Board

Texas Thoroughbred Association Board member Delwin Lovell has announced his resignation effective immediately.

“I have recently been promoted and accepted more responsibility at my job and just feel I cannot give the time needed and that is deserved to be a member of the board,” said Lovell, who has served on the board since 2010 and been on the Breeding, Budget Oversight, Membership, Marketing & Sponsorship and Publications Committees. “I have always said I would not be one of those Directors that would stand on the side and not participate for time reasons and just vote when needed or asked to. There are just too many issues that need someone’s full attention.

“I want to thank the members for putting me on the board and I want to apologize to them that I cannot finish the term, but again I am not going to give something just part of my attention,” he added. “I have always given 100 percent and felt I could help make change, but I now realize that I can do neither by staying on the board.”

Pursuant to the TTA bylaws, the TTA board of directors will appoint a replacement to complete the remainder of Lovell’s term, which runs through 2015.