Congrats to ATB Winners

Congrats to the following Accredited Texas-breds and to their connections for their wins over the past 2 weeks:

Allen’s Crown (Day of the Cat – Light the Crown); Baby Not Tonight (Sing Baby Sing – Secret I. D.); Celebrity’s Gift (Eaton’s Gift – Celebrity Ball); Durocher (Niagara Causeway- Trench Cat); Early Bid (Early Flyer – Most Magic); Fast Talkin Man (Oratory – Dancingwithfortune); Flying Magic Song (My Golden Song – Flying Native); Fred’s Lucky Boy (Wimbledon – Dancin’ Daphne); Get Cozzy (Chitoz – Call An Audible); Hart of a Winner (Seven Rings – Majormean Gal); I’ve Got Rhythm (Sing Baby Sing – Smoke Buster); J C’s Nightcap (Mr. Nightlinger – One O Seven); J J Jesse (Uncle Abbie – Hi Class Style); Kantankerous Baby (Sing Baby Sing – Hollye Lynne); Kissthatbabygoodby (Sing Baby Sing – Shaved Ice); Lady Social (Too Much Bling – Chatte Noir); Legs On Fire (My Golden Song – Rare Sara); Macho Flyer (Early Flyer – Truly Sunlit); Mav Master (Mizzen Mast – Annie Savoy); Meshuga (Special Rate – Sublimation); My Golden Aura (My Golden Song – Cat Tale); Prada’s Bling (Too Much Bling – Kimbell’s Prada); Prince Isaac (Catienus – Cantrell Road); Rockin Royalty (Early Flyer – Our Royal Saint); Roundabout Robbie (Intimidator – Roundabout Lass); Royal Kate (Intimidator – Tiffany Royal); S J Country (Seeking a Home – Isolde); Scatterthediamonds (Supreme Cat – Haley’s Lolipop); Special Rockstar (Special Rate – Buckstar); Thateldoit (Unbridled’s Heart – Lolly Goggin); Valid Decision (Valid Expectations – My Girl Bess); and Zap a Prince (Zap – Smart’N Rare).

Go Texas-breds!