Congrats ATB Winners!

Congratulations to all the ATB winners at LSP on April 11, 12, 13 and 14th, and to their connections: Triumph and Song – PREMIERE STAKES WINNER, (My Golden Song – Coryphee); High Lover (River Squall – Mile High Lover); Digital Dirt (Supreme Cat – Gold Destiny); John Louis’ Marq (Chief Three Sox – Kristy’s Marquetry); Telling Ways (Tinners Way – Mal’s Showntell); Martys Wimbledon (Wimbledon – Martys Expectation); Wild Slew (Doneraile Court – Sunnie Wild); P Millers Clock (Etesaal – Class Approval); Biddy Lulu (Wimbledon – Spectacular Rose); Pardonmecomingthru (Chatain – Bridal Tea); Wimbledon Star (Wimbledon – Expect a Star); K D Queen (Malabar Gold – K D Gold); J W Flyer (Early Flyer – Vany Expectations); Lasting Bubbles – JEH STALLION STATION STAKES WINNER, (Pulling Punches – Slim’s Secret); Prince of the City (Seeking a Home – Be My Princess); Peeta (Early Flyer – Wild Ditty); Fifty Pesos (Even the Score – My Three Sisters); Meme Jo (Too Much Bling – Honey Gold). Go Texas-breds!