New Rule Regarding ATB Breeder Awards

TTA would like to direct your attention to a new rule effective this year regarding determination of the level of ATB Breeder Awards one may be eligible to receive. Please see the underlined section taken from the official Rules and Regulations for the Accredited Texas-Bred Program, below:

Definition: Accredited Texas-Bred Thoroughbred

An accredited Texas Thoroughbred is a horse registered with The Jockey Club, accredited with the breed registry and foaled in Texas, out of a mare accredited with the Texas Thoroughbred Association who is permanently domiciled in Texas. A foal by a non-accredited stallion whose dam is not next-bred to an accredited Texas stallion will be eligible for 50% of the allotted Breeder Awards, *unless the mare died during or after foaling and before being bred to an accredited stallion during that breeding season. Full, complete and proper documentation is required and must be received by the Texas Thoroughbred Association no later than August 1 of the year of foaling using the official reporting form. *Effective January 1, 2021.

The complete Rules and Regulations, Accreditation Fee Schedule, and all forms may be found under the Texas-Breds tab on the homepage of this website.

Please contact Amber Doege or Mary Ruyle in the TTA office at 512.458.6133 if you have any questions.